Risk disclaimer: Cash Plus does not guarantee positive returns. Past performance of a security, market, or financial product does not guarantee future results. This information does not constitute nor shall be deemed as any agreement, offer, invitation, suggestion or investment advice on the opening of the service, and is provided for reference only.

Introduction to Cash Plus

What is Cash Plus?

“Cash Plus” was the first wealth management feature launched by Tiger Brokers for prime account customers. By integrating Cash Plus into Tiger’s platform, investors may manage their assets and build wealth with just a few clicks. As of December 31, 2019, Cash Plus has earned a 3.20% annualized cumulative return.

Cash Plus - Easy Investment

  • One-click Transfer

    One-click Transfer

    Open Cash Plus easily
    Manage cash more efficiently

  • Invest from just $1

    Invest from just $1

    Invest from just $1 and additional money can be transferred to Cash Plus
    No maximum account limit

  • Transferred immediately

    Transferred immediately

    Funds will be received immediately using 'fast pass' function
    Normal funds will be received on T+0 day

Cash Plus features

Cash Plus mainly invests in treasury bonds, investment-grade bonds, and bond ETFs, providing clients with high liquidity and steady interest.

  • Stable returns

    Stable returns

    In a negative interest rate environment, the yields on short-term U.S. Treasury bonds are almost the same as those on long-term bonds and are higher than those of major developed countries. Such treasury bonds have minimal credit risk and can help investors to realize stable returns, although they are not risk free.

  • Sufficient liquidity

    Sufficient liquidity

    Short-term U.S. Treasury bonds and short-term bond ETFs are assets with relatively good liquidity most of the time. In addition, the returns from short-term bond ETFs are slightly higher than U.S. Short-term Treasury Bonds, and can be bought and sold in the secondary market at any time.

Cash Plus TIPS

  • Return of Cash Plus since launch

    Performance of Cash Plus

    Cumulative return is the rate of return realized by Cash Plus as of November 30, 2019, its launch day

  • Application time for Transfer-in Effective date Returns received
    00:00-11:00 T+1 T+2
    11:00-23:59 T+2 T+3
    Application time for Transfer-out Stop calculating returns Funds received
    00:00-11:00 T T
    11:00-23:59 T+1 T+1

    Note: T refers to the date on which the application is made. The dates mentioned above shall be business days on Hong Kong time, and if such date is a holiday, it shall be postponed to the first following business day. The terms and conditions of the Cash Plus Service Contract shall prevail.

Is there any limit on the amount of transfer-in?

Currently, the minimum purchase amount in "Cash Plus" is USD 1.00, and additional money can be transferred into Cash Plus multiple times. For each additional transfer, the amount shall be an integral multiple of USD 1.00 (If the fund in Cash Plus account is less than USD 1.00, the minimum amount of first additional transfer is USD 1.00). The amount of money held by a single account is unlimited.

Is any commission charged for transfer-in/out funds?

Normal transfer-in/out is for free. An expedited transfer will incur a fee of 0.05% of the amount transferred.

Is the return constant? Is there any guarantee for the principal?

The rate of return for Cash Plus refers to the expected annualized rate of return of the past seven days, but the final return on investment shall be subject to actual returns. Cash Plus aims for a long-term steady return on the basis of effective risk control and conservative asset allocation.
Note: Cash Plus is not equivalent to a deposit in bank or a principal-protected financial product, and it does not provide a guarantee for the principal and returns, nor does it promise minimum proceeds. Before investing, please read carefully the Cash Plus Service Agreement and Cash Plus Risk Disclosure Statement.

This information does not constitute nor shall be deemed as any agreement, offer, invitation for offer, suggestion or advice on purchase of securities or other financial products. Nothing in this document constitutes investment, legal, accounting or tax advice, nor does any information constitute a statement that an investment or strategy is suitable for your individual circumstances, or any other personal recommendation to you.