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业务分析专家 (Senior Business Analyst)

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Job Description/Requirements




  • 建立项目实施文档,包括项目计划、项目排期以及项目追踪等流程细节
  • 了解项目依赖关系和项目风险,识别和分析风险,并采取措施解决风险
  • 利用专业的领域认知和资源,输出专业、完整、准确的需求文档和概要设计文档
  • 管理和把控项目整体进度,按照约定的时间,成本和资源限制条件完成
  • 管理项目交付及落实后的数据分析和需求验收,对使用方进行必要的培训


  • 交易执行

1) 熟悉不同资产类别的交易规则,包括股票、期货、期权、外汇等衍生品

2) 熟悉不同资产类别的常规订单类型,交易所支持原生订单类型以及模拟订单类型

3) 熟悉不同算法订单的机制

4) 熟悉行业标准的智能订单路由设计规则

5) 熟悉不同资产类型及其原生交易所的交易规则

  • 清结算

1) 熟悉主流交易所的清算流程和规则,包括记账,日常交割,资产隔离,监管报表等

2) 熟悉账本结构,能设计和规划跨品种、多实体的账本结构

3) 能安排与DTCC联调的项目启动,对接,进度管理,验收和上线

4) 能领导和管理自清算系统项目

  • 券商Global Access Infrastructure

1) 熟悉券商实现全球市场接入的框架

2) 熟悉涉及券商多上手的交易、风控、换汇、资金调拨等后台业务流程

3) 熟悉券商底层的系统模块或业务模块

4) 能有效输出对于基础设施的认知,形成详细的业务规则和流程文档,协助研发人员进行系统开发


  • 本科以上学历,3年以上相关行业经验
  • 有一线金融机构(如券商)工作经验者优先
  • 卓越的项目交付能力
  • 高水平的金融市场底层业务专业知识和产品知识,能形成知识和产品文档
  • 工作主动,愿意主动承担工作职责
  • 良好的语言沟通和表达能力,较强的团队协作和协调能力
  • 以英文作为工作语言,具备熟练的英语听说读写能力,能用中文交流 is a big plus

Job Description:

TIGER FINTECH is a leading financial services company headquartered in Beijing, China (NASDAQ: TIGR). The company is dedicated to building a global Brokerage platform with multidisciplinary transactions, execution, clearing, settlement, and custody facilities. Together, we aim to provide customers with the most simple, secure, and convenient investment experiences in the global financial market with advanced products and services. TIGER wants to offer its best candidates a competitive compensation package and comprehensive personal development in future career paths.

About the Role:

Expertise in the fintech industry, the capability to work closely with R&D and operation teams are required. Responsible for Project Initiatives, Requirement Analysis, and Architecture Design. Monitoring the entire R&D life cycle while ensuring high-quality and timely delivery.


  • Establish project implementation documents, including proposing, building a roadmap, and ensuring the delivery.
  • Understanding relationships and risks among projects, making a professional plan while considering the big picture.
  • Utilize professional knowledge and resources in outputting exceptional PRD and architectural design.
  • Manage and control the overall project progress. Assure project delivery while considering time, cost, and resource limitations.
  • Manage data analysis and follow up with PROD sign-off, provide necessary training to application users.


Qualified to at least one of the following elements

  • Trading Execution
  • Familiar with all types of asset classes, including but not limited to Stocks, Futures, Options, and FX.
  • Familiar with the regularized order types of different assets. Including stock exchange order types and simulated order types.
  • Familiar with different trading algorithms such as TWAP/VWAP.
  • Familiar with smart order routing (SOR).
  • Familiar with direct market access of global exchanges with different asset classes.
  • Clearing and Settlement
  • Familiar with mainstream exchanges' clearing process. Including margin, segregation(15c3-3), compliance reports(CAT/TRF/ORF etc..).
  • Familiar with ledger bookkeeping, able to design ledger systems with multiple assets and entities.
  • Able to manage the entire development life cycle of a project which will work closely with DTCC from proposal to onboarding to PROD
  • Able to lead and manage a team achieving US self-clearing.
  • Global Market Access Infrastructure
  • Familiar with the framework for brokers to achieve global market access
  • Familiar with broker-related backend business, including trading, risk, FX, treasury, etc.
  • Familiar with the underlying system of a global broker, from both system and business perspective
  • The ability to provide professional insights on infrastructure, assist the R&D team in system development

Role Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree or above, 3+ years of experience in related fields.
  • Work experience in leading financial institutions (such as securities firms) is preferred.
  • Excellent project delivery ability.
  • Expertise in business and product knowledge of the financial market, capable of creating a knowledge base and product documentation.
  • Self-driven, willing to take responsibilities.
  • Excellent language and communication skills, strong teamwork and coordination abilities.
  • English proficiency is required. Expect english as a working language, Mandarin skills will be a plus.