Help US Stocks Trading Order Types

Order Types

1. Market Order

Market Order is an order placed to trade at current market price that requires no price setting and enables quick trading.

MOs guarantee filling but not trading price, particularly when market changes quickly. For stocks not actively traded, MOs often are executed at prices too high or too low;

MOs placed pre-opening or post-closing are likely to be filled at a price too high or too low when the market opens;

MOs may be placed pre-opening starting on 09:30 EST. Prior to this time point, only Limit Orders may be placed. The corresponding Beijing time is 22:30 (WT) and 21:30 (DST).

2. Limit Order

Limit Order is an order to be filled at a specified price or at a price better than the specified price, similar to a “regular order” in Chinese A-shares.

If the stock price is lower than or equal to the limit price, a limit order will not be filled;

Once stock price trend becomes clear, price movements will soon be initiated, but the volume and timing of trading are uncertain. If LOs are adopted at this point, favorable market moves may be missed;

Certain unfilled LOs may be withdrawn or changed. Where the original LOs remain valid during withdrawals or changes, such withdrawals or changes may be impossible if the original LOs are fully filled in the process of modification.

3. The validity of Order

Valid on the day: Unfilled orders will be automatically cancelled after the market closed.

Valid before cancellation: The order will remain valid until it is executed or cancelled.