Help Account Opening How to Open an Account

How to Open an Account

1.    Steps

Register Online - > Complete Information - > Select Account - > Upload Documents - > Pending Approval

(1) Documents required:

Personal ID

(2)   Log onto the official website of Tiger Brokers and click "Open Account".

(3)   Provide your personal details.

(4)   Complete all the account opening information and click “Continue” once completed. 

(5)   Select [Prime Account]. 

(6)   Fill in the information details and click “Continue” once completed.

(7)  Read the customer agreement and W-8BEN tax form, then click “Continue” once completed. 


(8)   Upload the supporting documents and click “Continue” once completed. 

Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code, upload the photos and sign off via your phone screen. 

(9)   The notification page will indicate the outcome of your account opening process. Once successful, it will take approximately one working day for the approval.

(10) Your account has been successfully opened. 

After opening an account, you will receive an SMS to your mobile number as a reminder. Alternatively, you can directly log onto Tiger’s official website, click “Login”, and check your account status under “User Account Management Profile”.

2.    Account Opening Information

What is account opening information?

Account opening information is an important reference to verify your personal identity, safeguarding the security of your funds and accounts, and providing protection and privacy to your personal information.

What does account opening information include?

Account opening information includes the information of your personal identification card (ID), mobile phone number, marital status, employer information and other personal information.

3.    Account Opening Process 

There are a few ways to open an account with Tiger Brokers. You can choose your preferred method to complete the account opening process.

Method 1: Open an account via the official website at

Method 2: Open an account via Tiger Brokers’ mobile app. 

Download the Tiger Brokers’ mobile app on your mobile phone, click “Register” on the login page and you will start the account opening process. Scan the QR code provided to download the mobile app.