1. Please click on the following link to go to the website of E-Tax for Natural Persons.


2. Use 【PERSONAL INCOME TAX】 APP, scan code to log in; you can also log in with your account/password.

3. After logging in, please select 【Featured Application】-【Tax Record Issuance】.

4. Select the date: three months from the starting time, enter the verification code and click [Generate Tax Record].

5. Please download the file, please read carefully the following figure [Warm Tips].

6. Please download the good PDF file through the following link to upload.


Note: To open PDF files need a password (ID card after 6 digits), please edit the password for the PDF file name after uploading the file; if you do not provide a password, we will use your account number to view the use of PDF after the 6-digit number.

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