1.       Tiger has no obligation of investigating the truthfulness of the identity of the registered mobile phone number’s owner and will not take any responsibility for any loss arising from registering an account on Tiger’s platform with stolen, fraudulently used or misuse of individual mobile phone number.

2.       All Clients registering and opening an account at Tiger should obey the relevant laws and regulations and the rules for using Tiger’s platform and should not release politics-related harmful information, pornographic contents, false advertisement, bloodiness and violence, insulting or slandering comments, disclosure of individual privacy and any other information against the laws and regulations, nor should they engage in activities which infringe a third party’s intellectual property right and other legal rights and interests. Otherwise, Client should bear all the losses arising therefrom while Tiger will not be held responsible for the same.

3.       Under any circumstances, Tiger is not liable for any punitive, indirect, occasional, special or associated loss or damage, including but not limited to indirect personal damage, loss of business profit, interruption in trade, loss of business information or loss of any other reliance interests.

4.       Since investment in securities or financial products has risk of loss, Tiger will not be responsible for the profit and loss and risk related to Client’s investment.

5.       Tiger and its associated companies cannot guarantee the absolute reliability and accuracy of such information they provide as market quotation, diagram and comment, or the loss arising from the inaccuracy or missing of any contents of the market or from Client’s subjective factors.

6.       Interruption, pause, delay or data fault of trading instructions which might occur due to malfunction, break-off, delay or other factors of Internet data transmission.

7.       Client’s trading account and password are let out or its identity is counterfeited due to its neglect.

8.       As there is possibility of malicious hacks on the Internet and the web server may have malfunction and other unpredictable factors, the market information and other securities-related information may be faulted or delayed.

9.       Client’s NTE and software system may suffer from illegal attack or virus infection, leading to failure of order for commission or commission failure.

10.    Client’s NTE and software system are incompatible with Tiger’s online transaction system, causing failure of order for commission or commission failure. In this case, Client may dial Tiger’s telephone to report such circumstance and acquire technical support but not Tiger’s economic compensation.

11.    Failure of commission or commission fault is caused by Client’s improper operation.

12.    Loss arising from the circumstances including that Client’s account and password, personal information, or trading information are let out or its identity is counterfeited due to its personal reasons.

13.    Client uses the service provided by Tiger to conduct any illegal activity or any act infringing other’s rights and interests, thus causing loss to Client and a third party.

14.    Due to network failure, when operating on Tiger’s platform, Client’s NTE shows that its commission succeeded while Tiger’s transaction server does not receive Client’s commission instruction, which leads to the risk of Client’s failing to buy or sell securities; since Client’s NTE shows that its commission does not succeed, Client sends another commission order, which results in Tiger’s transaction server receiving Client’s two commission instructions and transmitting such instructions to the securities company for making transactions, thus Client’s risk of making repeated transactions arises.

15.    Emergency caused by the major change of law and policy or the factors unpredicted and uncontrolled by Tiger.

16.    The functions of Tiger’s platform fail due to force majeure such as war, communication fault, natural disaster, strike and the actions taken by the government department, leading to Client’s economic loss.

17.    Tiger’s official website and products will publish or transport such contents as news and information provided by its cooperating corporation, with the information provider being noted. Tiger does not carry out substantive censor or revision of the contents provided by its cooperating corporation and does not guarantee the authenticity thereof, which should be judged by Client and for which Tiger is not responsible.

18.    Tiger Brokers which is committed to providing individual investors a trading platform. Tiger Brokers does not provide recommendations and suggestions on investments, finance, legal or taxes. Tiger Brokers is not licensed by SFC(Securities and Futures Commission) in Hong Kong and the company does not target or accept members of public from Hong Kong for securities and futures transactions.