Statement on Account Transaction Control and Ownership

As the broker of securities and commodity futures regulation, Interactive Brokers must get knowledge of the subject of the daily transaction under control of each client’s account and the main owner of the rights and interests attached to each account.


Account owner states that it is the sole owner of all the assets in the account.


Account owner states that only it has the right of controlling the transactions taking place in the account unless it uses the relevant form provided on the website of Interactive Brokers to grant others with the authority of making transactions.




Tiger Brokers shall make a unified upgrade for all the accounts of our clients since November 1,2017 to December 31,2017. If you open an account at Tiger Brokers during the period, we will create an excellent transition experience for you to ensure; and after the period, Tiger Brokers (“Tiger Brokers(NZ) Limited”) will continue to provide an excellent, efficient, comprehensive and secure service for you.