The reason why Interactive Brokers can keep a low brokerage charge structure is that we build an automatic transaction process and cut down human intervention and decision-making to the largest extent. From this point, we create several simple terms for managing all our accounts. These terms acknowledge that due to the features of electronic system (like being frequently dependent on the third-party connection), the system may fail to work or delay operations sometimes or the Stock Exchange and data provider may go wrong.


Client is obliged to accept all the consequences of the executed orders according to the order instructions of Client or Clients’ accredited representative.


Notwithstanding our belief that our probability of failure is the lowest among our peers, any system may have occasional malfunction in practice, which is usually caused by force majeure. As a result, we are not held responsible for the system or network failure and requires the client of highest-level reliability to agree upon setup of backup trading facility.


Clients are obliged to keep confidential of their users and passwords and are responsible for the transactions made by the third party using their users and passwords.


The executed transactions as confirmed by us are cancelled by the Stock Exchange, exchange network or the supervisory authority afterwards, under which circumstance such transactions are deemed to be cancelled.


We normally process the orders, including those submitted by Interactive Brokers and its subsidiaries, according to the order of acceptation.


In case that the order is delayed being transmitted or fails to be transmitted due to data communication malfunction, we do not guarantee the execution of the order with limit price.


We do not provide advice on trading, investment or taxation. Clients should not take such intended advice at the words of our employees.


We usually do not send out notice of demanding for margin and retains the right of immediately closing the positions of the account with insufficient balance or failing to meet the supervisory authority’s requirements or our requirements for margin without prior notice, which we are not responsible for. Taking the market or other factors into consideration, we may decide to send the notice of demanding for margin and/or not to force closing the account positions at its own discretion. When you receive such notice of demanding for margin, you must deposit fund into your account to supplement the margin immediately.


Clients should be responsible for the accuracy of and up-to-date information they provide to Interactive Brokers. And clients ensure that Interactive Brokers knows their currently available email address for receiving and checking the emails sent by Interactive Brokers.